RGB LED Lights: Types and FAQs

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Highly capable of producing a wide range of colors, an RGB LED is basically an LED package. You can use it in various applications. These may include outdoor decoration lighting patterns, home decoration lighting styles, stage lighting designs, LED matrix display options, and many more.

In an RGB LED, you can combine three internal LEDs namely red, green and blue to produce almost any color output. Producing different kinds of colors is never a problem anymore. You just need to set the intensity of each internal LED properly and combine all the three color outputs. You can produce many other colors as well by just configuring the intensity of each LED. However, you will have to set all the three LEDs to the highest intensity if you want to produce a white light.

The working principal of RGB LED controllers seems much simple. The alteration in the power on each of the three channels results in the creation of a specific color mix. Though never as precise as DMX, this color mix suits many cost-friendly residential and commercial applications.

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Types of RGB Lighting

Ranging from warm orange to cool blue, RGB lighting can have all the shades. LED strips often use it and there are three types of RGB LED strips. 

Classic RGB

With red, green and blue on one diode, a classic RGB is an LED strip with triple diodes. You use all the three diodes simultaneously when you intend to form white light. However, there may also be present traces of other colors in the white light thus formed with these classic RGB. Also, this white light will never be as bright as the white light of a true white LED.    


Having a separate white diode for pure white light and with red, green and blue on one diode, this RGB lighting is an LED strip. You may not get an evenly distributed due to a comparatively larger distance between the two diodes of the same color. You can easily distinguish between the different light beams with this type of RGB lighting.


This is the best of the lot. Equipped with quadruple diodes, this RGB LED strip provides a really nice and evenly distributed lightning in any color of your choice. It has red, green, blue and white on one diode.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RGB lighting?

RGB lighting is colored lighting based on three primary colors: red, green and blue. By mixing up different light colors under additive color system, RGB lighting enables you to create millions of different colors of light.

What does RGB mean in lighting?

It means combining red, green and blue LEDs to produce over 16 million hues of light. These RGB LED lights, however, do not carry the colors which are outside the triangle formed by red, green and blue. Also, it is difficult or impossible to achieve pigment colors such as brown or pink.

Why are people obsessed with RGB lighting?

People get obsessed because RGB lighting offers various color options, versatile uses and benefits. Moreover, they are unique in their form and performance and are getting immensely popular across the globe.

When would you use RGB lighting?

You may use RGB lighting when you want to have colorful outdoor decoration lighting ideas, stage lighting styles, home or office decoration lighting purposes, LED matrix display trends, sports events celebrations, and many more of your own choice. Moreover, they are also used in automotive industries and mobile applications. You will find them befitting almost everywhere and enhancing the beauty all around.

Why are RGB lights so popular?

RGB lights are popular because of their unique features, uses, and advantages. They are available in endless color options, are relaxing and both energy and money saving as well.

What are the benefits of RGB lighting?

Their specific colors are emotionally therapeutic and potentially beneficial to skin due to their anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. Their unique shades reduce tension and draw the feelings of love. They present endless color options and emit less heat by consuming less energy and are thus fairly economical as well. They are smaller in size, with less weight and toxicity and greater efficiency. RGB LED lighting also possesses maintenance of lumen, contract and brightness of light better than other LED.

Is RGB lighting worth it?

Beyond all doubts, this is true. An RGB light is well worth its price in terms of its various color options, multi-purpose utility and so many health and socio-economic benefits.

Can RGB lights make white?

Yes, RGB lights can make white. Actually, RGB lights have three internal LEDs of red, green and blue. Various colors can be obtained by configuring the intensity of each LED. For a white light, all the three LEDs are set at the highest intensity. However, it must be noted that RGB LED cannot create a pure white tone; it can create a color close to white.

What is RGB lighting used for?

RGB lighting is used for a variety of purposes. The main purpose of RGB lighting is to sense, represent and display images in an electronic system. Decorative as well as influencing purposes in various activities of daily life are also there. The chief most among them is their use at home and office to facilitate your life style elegantly.

Are RGB lights LED?

Yes, RGB lights are LED (light emission diode) modules able to produce any color using three primary additive colors of red, green and blue. As a matter of fact, an RGB light has a combination of three separate light-emitting diodes in one package. These diodes are housed under a clear protective lens. Besides, there are four pins in this LED package. Each color diode has its individual pin and one common anode (+) or cathode (-).

What is the price of RGB lights?

The price of an RGB light is never fixed. It depends upon the kind it is and also the brand that made this light. However, these lights are available from low-range price category for the economical buyers to the high-range price category for the rich buyers.

What RGB lights do gamers use?

Though there are many RGB lights that gamers use, Govee Immersion Kit RGBIC LED Light Bar suits best for any gaming room. It has a 90-degree light panel design which makes it unique among other RGB lighting products. You can say that it is a very complete gaming light product overall.

Does RGB lighting affect PC performance?

No, RGB lighting does not affect the performance of your PC. It never adds to its performance. However, it does add to the visual beauty of your PC and makes it look awesome and stylish.

Is RGB light good for eyes?

Yes, it is pretty fine; it does not affect your eyes badly. As a matter of fact, latest high quality RGB LED lighting is hazard-free to your eyes. There have been a few concerns regarding the first generation of LEDs, but today’s RGB LED lights are quite safe.

Is RGB light harmful?

The latest RGB lights are never harmful now. “Your retina may get damaged by the ‘blue light’ in LED lighting if you keep your eyes exposed to it for longer hours. This light may also disturb natural sleep rhythm,” says a Spanish research “Exposure to an intense and powerful (LED) light is ‘photo-toxic’ and can lead to irreversible loss of retinal cells and diminished sharpness of vision,” says a French report. All this is no more than a myth now.

Do RGB lights affect sleep?

No, RGB lights never affect your sleep. They are rather supportive for your sleep. Their light is conducive for you to enjoy a deep sleep while they are on.

What is the difference between LED lights and RGB lights?

An RGB light can produce a color that is not pure white but close to it whereas an LED light gives out a pure white tone. However, RGB lights are LED (light emission diode) modules able to produce any color using three additive primary colors of red, green and blue.

Can RGB lights burn?

No, these lights never burn. Actually, there is no way possible for this. RGB lights never use heat as do incandescent bulbs or gases to burn out or wires to burn up.

Can I leave RGB lights on overnight?

RGB lights produce or generate far less heat as compared to the older incandescent light bulbs. So, there is no fear of their burning out if they keep on lighting even for the whole night. Hence, you can safely leave RGB lights on overnight.

Do RGB lights use a lot of electricity?

No, RGB lights do not consume a lot of electricity as compared to the older incandescent lights. In fact, RGB lights use 80 – 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and last up to 100,000 hours whereas common incandescent bulbs have an average life of only 3000 hours.